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“This may sound crazy, but I feel like I’m supposed to start a Dance Adventure in the Dominican Republic.”

This is what I told my roommates when I booked my trip there three months ago. Knowing little about the DR, I wondered if this was the right decision.

Just last week, I found out that trusting my intuitionwould pay off in a huge way. I’ll share more about that in this post called:

Why You Should Trust Your Intuition
That Time I Booked a Solo Trip to the Dominican Republic Without  Knowing Why 

To prepare for this post, I researched reflections, scientific studies and musings about intuition. My assessment? Go with your gut. Here are a few reasons why:

1. People out there take intuition seriously: The U.S. Navy studied it, Myers Briggs incorporates it into its popular personality testing used at top business schools, and Steve Jobs says it’s “more powerful than intellect.” Indeed, there’s a lot of potential value in using your intuition. For instance…

2. Intuition allows you to access the power of your unconscious mind: You’re more observant than you think. Throughout the day, your unconscious mind takes in thousands of bits of data, including sounds, smells, body language, and information on our interactions with the world and people around us. This data is not stored or available to us on a conscious level, however it’s available to our unconscious mind to guide us. Dr. Massimo Pigliucci—Professor of Philosophy at CUNY-City College, co-host of the Rationally Speaking Podcast, and the editor in chief for the online magazine Scientia Salon—put this beautifully in a blog post for Tufts University.

“Rather than being opposed to each other, intuition and rationality are strictly interdependent,” he wrote.

Indeed, some people attribute Isaac Newton’s big breakthrough on the universal law of gravitation to hisintuition after he saw an apple fall from a tree. If it worked for Newton, it can work for us, too.

3. Following your intuition is a practice in living in possibility: When we let go of our need to control or to understand the why, we allow more space for creativity, peace, opportunity, and dancing in the moment. If we go with our intuition and commit to make the most of the situations that arise, we learn to be fully present creators. Often, when we commit to achieving something bigger—something beyond our knowing or what we have done before—we are not sure how to create it. The how is not up to us. We must simply listen to intuition, decide, take action and watch how things unfold. Often, opportunities arise that we never could have imagined.

And this brings me back to my story. 

Once I committed to the trip, the pieces of the DR puzzle came together. I connected with Dominicans and others who offered me advice, contacts and free places to stay.

And then I landed a meeting with a prominent dance organization in DC.

While I told the executive director about all my amazing programs in Guinea, Mali, Bolivia, India and other exotic locations, she didn’t light up until I mentioned the Dominican Republic.

“Oh, I think we can fill that expedition,” she said casually. “Let’s try for December.”

Click. Woah. Thanks, intuition.

I may never know what my unconscious mind identified that allowed me to pull the trigger on the trip. All I know is that, without following my inner knowing, I would have missed out on a huge potential partnership–something that will allow my business to grow, is shaping my marketing tactics, and is creating allies in the professional dance world.

This week, I invite you to listen to your gut feelings. Take a chance, practice not knowing, and see what happens.

And make sure to let me know how it goes 🙂