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“After a year of 70-hour, start-up-business work weeks, I made the tough realization that my hyper focus impacted my family, friends and love life. I wanted to repair my social and family life and create a more balanced schedule.  Megan helped me focus on my current life goals in a loving, genuine, and clever way.  I am extremely grateful, and made so much progress in a short period of time. I would recommend her to any hyper-focused business owner.  Thank you Megan, it really means the world to me.” -Michael, Kirkland, WA

“Megan is fantastic to work with. She was instrumental in distilling my nebulous dreams into concrete goals. From there she encouraged me to identify and take those first real steps toward accomplishing them. She maintained a safe space for me to be honest with myself about my fears and my strengths. This was a process that demanded I drop my armor to accurately assess my own abilities; while difficult at times, Megan facilitated the practice so that I never felt vulnerable to her. Megan was always on-time and ensured that our meetings met my requests. I recommend without reservation that you try her services. It’s well worth the time.” -Ben, Washington, D.C.

“Life coaching with Megan has been a fun and empowering experience! Megan has a great joy in life and appreciation for people (with all their differences!), so chatting with her is uplifting and inspiring. She’s also smart and knowledgeable. We talked on widely different subjects, including career planning, personal essence and artistic philosophies. Each time Megan left me with new tools for shaping and achieving my goals. I highly recommend coaching with Megan–especially if you find yourself in a place where you desire change or growth but would like an empowering partner to help plan the way.” -Lainie, New York City, NY

“I just spent a month of weekly sessions with Megan.  It was such a helpful experience.  In each session we’d approach challenges or obstacles that I’ve often felt ‘I ought to be able to deal with this on my own’ but never quite managed to. Megan’s approach is a combination of leaping into the fray and stepping back to let me solve my own issues.  She uses a perfect blend of empowering questions and action-oriented dialogue to leave me feeling determined and equipped to move forward towards my own goals. Historically I make decisions slowly, and Megan makes decisions swiftly, so there was the potential of a personality clash.  But when I brought this up to Megan she reacted with appreciation and respect, and adjusted her approach in such a way that really honored my pace.  I have a lot of respect both for her skills as well as her flexibility, and I’m really happy with the momentum I’ve built up so far in our time together.” -Aaron, Kirkland, WA

“Megan is smart, knowledgeable and very helpful. She can calm you down and allow you to move into a better place where you can achieve what you want. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to make a life change.” -Stephen, Reston, VA